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River Valley Region
Higganum Reservoir State Park
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Higganum Reservoir State Park © James Hebert
Higganum Reservoir State Park © James Hebert
Higganum Reservoir State Park © James Hebert
Higganum Reservoir State Park © James Hebert
Higganum Reservoir State Park © James Hebert
Higganum Reservoir State Park © James Hebert
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Higganum Reservoir State Park is a tranquil, undeveloped public recreation area. It spans 147 acres and offers fishing, hiking trails, and bird-watching opportunities. The park's reservoir provides scenic views of water surrounded by dense forestland which changes color with the seasons. Despite its lack of facilities or picnic areas, it remains popular among locals for its natural beauty.

History of the Area
Located in Haddam, Connecticut, the park was established as a state property by 1914. It spans over 147 acres of land and water bodies. The reservoir itself dates back to the late nineteenth century when it served as an important source for ice harvesting during winters.

The site became popular among locals for fishing due to its abundant fish population including largemouth bass and yellow perch. In addition, hiking trails were developed around the area offering scenic views of nature.

Despite being unstaffed with no facilities or services provided on-site today; visitors continue enjoying passive recreational activities such as bird watching.

Connecticut has made state parks, forests, trails, historic sites and beaches more accessible to our residents so they can enjoy the many attractions and beauty they offer. Under the Passport to the Parks program, parking fees are now eliminated at Connecticut State Parks for those with Connecticut registered vehicles. You can view the CONNECTICUT PASSPORT TO THE PARKS web page to learn more.
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Located along the CT Shoreline midway between New York City and Boston, and only one hour from Hartford, with tons of local attractions both on the Long Island Sound and the Connecticut River.
12.2 miles from park*
Anglers can enjoy freshwater fishing from shore or by boat, with a public boat launch available for easy access. Common catches include largemouth bass, bluegill, and perch. The serene environment is ideal for both novice and experienced fishermen seeking a peaceful outing. Catch-and-release practices are encouraged to maintain the fish population within the reservoir's ecosystem.

- Higganum Reservoir Trail: This is the main trail that circles around the reservoir. It's a 2-mile loop, suitable for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips.

- North Loop Trail: A shorter route within the park measuring approximately half-a-mile long. The terrain here varies from flat to slightly hilly sections offering different challenges along its course.

- South Shoreline Pathway: As suggested by its name this pathway follows closely alongside southern edge of reservoir providing scenic water views throughout most of your hike; it extends roughly one mile in length.

-Eastern Ridge Route : An uphill climb leading towards eastern ridge line with panoramic view over entire area at peak point; about three-quarters-of-a-mile long but steep ascent makes it more challenging than other trails in park.

-West Bank Walkway : Another waterside path similar to south shoreline walk but on opposite bank ; just under a mile-long stretch which can be combined with others routes into longer circular hikes if desired .

-Central Forest Track : Dives deeper into woodland areas away from waterfront , allowing you explore inner parts of state park while also connecting various points across site ; measures close two miles total distance .

-Northern Tip Outpost Path - Shortest track available only extending quarter-of-a-mile out-and-back again yet provides access remote northern tip where fewer visitors tend go making ideal spot those seeking solitude during their visit .

-Southwest Corner Circuit - Slightly off beaten path compared rest network due location tucked-away corner near entrance gate however still offers pleasant stroll through mixed deciduous forest environment covering round trip journey little less than 1.5 miles overall .
Things To Do in the Area
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Explore the Connecticut River aboard the R/V River Quest, an environmentally friendly 64', 60 passenger vessel docked at Eagle Landing State Park, Haddam, CT.
1.7 miles from park*

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From Hartford, CT:
- Head south on I-91.
- Take exit 22 for Route 9 South towards Middletown/Old Saybrook.
- Continue onto Route 9 S and take Exit 10 for Aircraft Rd toward Higganum/Haddam.

From New Haven, CT:
- Start by getting onto I95 N/CT15N
- Take the exit to merge with US5-N/I91-N towards Hartford/Springfield
- Follow signs and get off at Exit number nine (Route Nine) heading Northbound

Once you're near Higganum Reservoir State Park:
- Turn right onto Beaver Meadow Road after exiting Highway route nine if coming from either direction.
- Follow this road until it ends then turn left into Killingworth Road or also known as highway eighty-one northwards bound.
- Look out for a sign indicating entrance of park which is located about half mile down the road where there's an immediate sharp bend turning right leading directly into parking area of state park.

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Connecticut State Parks