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Western Kansas Region
Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park
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north of County Road 400 and Gold Road
Oakley, Kansas   67748
(lat:38.8025 lon:-100.9289) map location

Phone: 620-872-2061
These badlands are Kansas' most dramatic Niobrara chalk formation. They provide unique and important habitat for many plants and wildlife. Native amphibians, reptiles and birds such as ferruginous hawks and cliff swallows live here. Little Jerusalem is also home to the largest population of Great Plains wild buckwheat. This native plant is found in the chalk bluffs prairie of western Kansas and nowhere else in the world.
Nature of the Area
Long ago, this area was a great sea. In addition to the present-day wildlife, the remains of swimming and flying reptiles dating back 85 million years have been found here. Ancient giant clams and oysters are common fossils in these badlands.

The chalk outcroppings have had many names. In the late 19th century, they were said to resemble the ruins of many castles, thus Castle City. Some say that it got the name Little Jerusalem or New Jerusalem because from a distance it looks like the ancient walled city of Jerusalem. By the time The Nature Conservancy acquired the property, most modern-day locals and geologists knew it by the name of Little Jerusalem.
History of the Area
This park was also once part of the McGuire Ranch. After five generations of family ownership, it is now a park the public can hike and enjoy. Explore the trails to view the rock formations, some of which tower more than 100 feet above the nearby Smoky Hill River. From varying points along the marked trails, and in different light, youll find the rocks appear dramatically different.

Little Jerusalem is owned by The Nature Conservancy. TNC partnered with the Kansas Department of Wildlife Parks to make portions of the area open to the public.

The Overlook Trail extends one-quarter mile along a crushed rock surface to scenic viewpoint. Terrain loose rock surface and gentle gradients.

The Life on the Rocks Trail winds 1.5 miles along the rim of the rocks with multiple bends to provide a variety of views and two scenic overlooks. Terrain crushed rock surface and gentle gradients for all abilities for the first 2/3 mile 3,500 feet to the first overlook natural surface trail with moderate slopes for the next 1/2 mile 2,766 feet to the second overlook.

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Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park is located north of the intersection of County Road 400 and Gold Road in southern Logan County, Kansas.

Turn west on Gold Road from US Highway 83.
Continue on Gold Road for approximately 3 1/2 miles.
Turn north on 400 Road continue for 1 mile.
Don't forget to stop at the Pay Station before passing through the gates to the parking lot.

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