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South Whidbey Island State Park Views from Group Camp © Michael Martin
Views from Group Camp Area
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Washington Parks Visitor Reviews
8/11/2018 6:04:13 PM South Beach State Park
crazy overcrowded!!! - Visited a couple of years ago in June. Fantastic place. Visited again August 2018 and it was insane. Not even safe to drive through it was so crowded. Looks like it was over capacity. Met some other people at another campground that had just come from there and said it looked like Woodstock. Completely out of control. So sad for it is a beautiful spot.
7/24/2018 8:16:11 AM Dragoon Creek State Park by krissy
- host family this yr is a joke, bathrooms were gross, we were there for four days and i only saw host family go in those bath rooms once to put t.p. in them as they were almost out in every bath room, dogs on leash rule, ya another joke, over crouding on camo sites, as many as 20 people on one site, and five cars, speed lemit is 5mph and most were doing 20, camp hosts r clearly not doing there job, but in past yrs it was much better, hosts were friendly and made u feel welcome, and things were clean and rules were followed,
6/13/2018 12:58:01 PM Steamboat Rock State Park by flamingobabe@comcast.net
Love Steamboat Rock - This year was really fun but my only complaint is the camp host. They really did nothing about noise or keeping up the campsites. We would really like Tom and Linda back
6/2/2018 4:49:40 PM Central Ferry State Park by Camper girl
OPEN THIS PARK !!!!! - Unbelievable. Best park ever. I will run it. Hey Washington we need to get our parks open on the East side. We, the people own this park. Done with Politics, if WA isnt going to so anything, then give it to the people.
5/6/2018 1:39:25 PM Wormald State Park by Ron
This is a Very unimproved park - There is no pavement or facilities, no signs and to get there is a rough gravel road that requires good ground clearance and traction tires.
2/3/2018 7:12:27 PM Twanoh State Park by Dave George
- first time here, I was 4 years old (now 73) from Bremerton. I would get to this park any way I could. (bike, hitch hike with friends) Still my most fav. park. (been in 30 states)
11/10/2017 3:10:15 PM Oyhut State Park by pwezzr2
A nice beach break. - The wife and I are geocachers that own a second home in Ocean Shores and we found a spot at Oyhut State Park that we would like to place a geocache. Who do we contact as far as the manager is concerned for the permit process. We have already taken a photo of the cache location. Thank you.
10/1/2017 9:58:06 PM Yakima Sportsmen State Park by robyakima
alright - it was alright too many west siders for me
10/1/2017 12:16:38 PM Lewis and Clark State Park
- Great spot, we stayed as our last family camping trip of the year 9-30-17 left 10-1-17 we even saw a beautiful Owl...
9/7/2017 2:06:50 PM Maryhill State Park by EmberJade
If only I could go back.... - When I was growing up My Family and I would come here for vacation every year, it was My Dads favorite place to camp. We loved agate hunting and just hanging out together. So many great memories come from Maryhill, I pray it, the museum and all stay safe from the fires.
8/26/2017 4:03:01 PM Wenberg State Park
This is not a state park - Wenberg is NOT a state park it is a county park and as such does NOT accept a discover pass. Expect to pay $10 to park. Complete waste of time going up there today; $10 is too much to take a dog for a walk.
8/5/2017 9:56:24 PM Flaming Geyser State Park
Rudest rangers ivce ever encountered - while I understand the leash law. I had two dogs on a leash and my 8 month old puppy was standing in the river off leash. No warning or anything just heres your ticket. While people are across the river taking shots and pounding beers theyre treating me like a criminal. Nice park other than that. Im not the only one whos encountered rude rangers there.
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We rent premium well maintained equipment including SKI BOATS, JET SKIS, and PONTOON BOATS We are located at Sunbanks Lake Resort outside of Electric City, which is 20 minutes from Steamboat Rock State Park, 35 minutes from Sun Lakes State Park, as well as only 5 minutes from Grand Coulee Dam. We also deliver to the surrounding areas. Call 509-681-0283 or 509-633-8079

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