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Teton National Forest © Thomas Reiman
Yellowstone National Park Good Morning © Joe Harris
Grizzly bear in Yellowstone park
Medicine Bow National Forest Four inch tall owl © Martin Windell
Grand Teton National Park Schwabacher Landing © Ed Heaton
One of the most photgraphic parks youll ever visit...
Yellowstone National Park Grand Prismatic Spring © John Cartlidge
Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone NP
Grand Teton National Park Fall Colors © Dewese Milstead
Georgeous fall colors.
Grand Teton National Park Grand Teton © Ed Heaton
Very cold but very beautiful in the winter...
Yellowstone National Park Mt Washington © Joe Harris
The sign at the summit of Mt Washburn which, at an elevation of 10,243 feet, is the highest point in Yellowstone National Park
Western Meadow Lark ©
Western Meadow Lark
Small Boy Fishing ©
Gone fishin.
Spring Hike ©
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Wyoming's Parks
12 State Parks
 • 2 National Parks
 • 5 National Forests

2 National Historic Sites
 • National Monument
 • 4 National Wildlife Refuges

2 National Recreation Areas
 • National Recreation Trail

Wyoming Parks Visitor Reviews
7/27/2022 5:57:45 AM Glendo State Park by Karla
review rating - 1 to 5 stars Disappointing - First time visiting Glendo state park We went out there no reservation they did not mention on entrance we needed one just charged me we found a nice spot.. lady came by around 5 pm stating she had reserves it does state in rules if no show at certain time someone else can use the spot. Anyway Im a Mexican and had a very rude white lady harassing my 16 yr old daughter because she was using a jetski saying if she hit her she would kill her. I went off on her and she called the rangers over stating I had an ilegal jetski and had no control over it and that we tried to intentionally hit her and her kids. While she had been taking pictures videos of us and just talking crap at least half a day. Rangers get there and said its only verbal nothing can be done although her husband did agree she was wrong and so did many other people around. There was many of people there only us hispanic only people she had issues with of course I went off on her yelling And rangers said all they could do was give her a warning. Had it been me I would have been kicked out . Very disappointed we are living 2022and stills have racial issues and nothing can be done if you are not the white person being harassed Im still waiting for the call they promised as Im still interested in taking her to court
1/15/2022 4:39:21 PM Glendo State Park by Nunya_B
review rating - 1 to 5 stars Not being taken care of - My husband and I are Wyoming residents and have been coming here for years. We went 3 times this last summer. This place is being treated terribly, not being cleaned and kept up, and the park is profiting off of out of towners who are coming in and taking over our land. The bathrooms in sandy beach are disgusting with the exception of one that appears to be cleaned daily. There were branches and debris everywhere and fire bans were in effect all summer long. Fire pits are there for a reason and have been forever, with our ancestors. The fire bans are completely unnecessary. The water level of the lake had shrunk significantly each time we came back which shows that it was not being refilled at all. And on top of all of this they were charging at least $5 more a night than the previous year. If youre going to be taking our money and charging us more, then you need to take care of this land and stop allowing out of towners to come and take it over. This is our land and this is not going unnoticed by your residents.
7/7/2021 6:09:58 PM Glendo State Park by LH
review rating - 1 to 5 stars It was like camping on a landfill - We spent the first hour or more picking up trash Cooked and raw food was everywhere Hamburgers, hotdogs, raw chicken Jalapeos and limes all over the groundWe cleaned up food wrappers, broken glass bottles, aluminum cans, clothes, shoes, ropes from trees My dogs ate crap tossed everywhere and even brought me used tamponsWe spent good money to have a good time I left two days early from a reserved campsite Super disappointed with the unsanitary condition at Glendo My daughter deserves her money back She was embarrassed because she invited people to have a good time and there was nowhere to be without trash Its a beautiful lake but I dont think Ill ever go back or recommend anyone I know to camp at Glendo
6/25/2021 3:40:41 PM Glendo State Park by Sherril_M
review rating - 1 to 5 stars - We camped for 10 days at Glendo June 10 -20 2021. On the weekend the camp grounds were full mainly with Colorado campers very few Wyoming campers, in our campground we were the only Wyoming people there. During the week we drove around many different campgrounds and checked sites to possibly camp at in the future, we also checked on your site to see if they were reserved. Almost all of the sites showed reserved for days and nobody camping in them, we they did become occupied it was with Colorado and Nebraska campers which is not right at all. If they dont show up what do they lose $4.00 big deal. Your reservation system needs a serve overhaul that allows us Wyoming campers at least a month to book reservations before any out of staters are allowed to reserve spots for days on end and then dont show up until the weekend. They also dont pay that much more for yearly or camping permits then we as Wyomingnites do. Better yet raise camping fees and do away with reservations altogether and make every site first come first serve. This is Wyomings lake and Wyoming campers should be able to enjoy it all season.
1/15/2018 10:54:28 AM Bighorn National Forest by ina
review rating - 1 to 5 stars our first big mountain - we live in the east (Kentucky) and big horn was our first mountain we had experienced and scared us . yes we have been to the smokies and but never in our life such a massive no railing on the side experienceas that mountain . LOL it was awesome and I want to visit again .
1/6/2018 3:28:06 PM Sinks Canyon State Park by Jaytee
review rating - 1 to 5 stars Interesting geographical territory. - This canyon is beautiful,and the description is accurate. We found the roads somewhat difficult,requiring caution, but not impassable. Please do give phonetic name of river. Thank you
10/6/2017 9:47:17 AM Medicine Bow National Forest by John Parker
review rating - 1 to 5 stars Put this on your bucket list! - We did fall hikes and were BLOWN AWAY!! Yes, some trails were so easy there were more people there than I care for but, the views were worth it all!! I could be most happy living the rest of my days in those mountains!
9/15/2017 2:32:16 PM Glendo State Park by Rio
review rating - 1 to 5 stars - Trying to find out any information about Glendo is like pulling teeth. They never answer the phone. Does anyone know if they have any reservable tent camping sites? Or are they pretty much all first come? I see the electric hookup sites for rvs are reservable.
9/1/2017 10:24:29 AM Hot Springs State Park by Froukje Brouwer
review rating - 1 to 5 stars Total Solar Eclipse in awesome park - What a treat to enjoy a total solar eclipse in a place like this. Beautiful flowers, very enjoyable hot springs in the bathhouse, interesting hikes. And the dinosaur museum close by is definitively worth a visit.
5/31/2017 8:29:18 AM Hot Springs State Park
review rating - 1 to 5 stars - The dressing rooms at TeePee Pools have been remodeled and are nice now.
5/25/2017 10:12:18 AM Sinks Canyon State Park by Jeanne Barrera
review rating - 1 to 5 stars Liars, shame on the Park Employees! - Plan on them keeping your deposit saying you left the yurt dirty. Not only did we clean it, we cleaned it better than we found it. They lied and said we left grass in the yurt yet their was a foot of snow outside. Not one blade of grass exposed. Please go somewhere else to camp or expect to pay more than you should.
3/2/2017 3:04:24 PM Medicine Bow National Forest
review rating - 1 to 5 stars - Love the fact that we can take our dogs hiking. Have no problems keeping them on a leash but hiking is the perfect exercise for them and they are family same as kids
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