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Whitman Mission National Historic Site © Peggy Jennings
Mill Creek Reservation State Wildlife Recreation Area © Peggy Jennings
Spencer Spit State Park © gia parsons
Tolmie State Park Bridge to the Beach © Gary Morgan
This is a HDR photo of the bridge at Tolmie State Park, looking toward the beach. Dec. 11, 2011
Olympic National Park Grizzly Stump © Denis Holmes
Gifford Pinchot National Forest LOWER FALLS © Krystle
Jumping off Lower Falls. Can only do this if its late summer, its still very dangerous But also one of my best memories in my entire life So amazing One of the most spectacular places in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest
Mill Creek Reservation State Wildlife Recreation Area © Peggy Jennings
Steamboat Rock State Park © jim bish
Steamboat Rock State Park Summer Color © Megan Ufkes
Cama Beach State Park © Joe Mabel / CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Looking down to the historic Cama Beach Resort buildings, Cama Beach State Park, Washington state, U.S.
Steamboat Rock State Park On top of Steamboat © Megan Ufkes
South Whidbey Island State Park Views from Group Camp © Michael Martin
Views from Group Camp Area
Whitman Mission National Historic Site © Peggy Jennings
Mill Creek Reservation State Wildlife Recreation Area Trail along Mill Creek © Peggy Jennings
Hike and bike trails are very popular in good weather
Olympic National Park Ranger Talk © Denis Holmes
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Washington Parks Visitor Reviews
9/9/2020 8:11:37 PM Central Ferry State Park by Randy Patti Gregory
Best park and cleanest - My Father in Law took our kids there over the summer, years ago. It was the cleanest quietest park ever. We were very sad when it closed It has been years since it has been open, so lets open this one again and close a different one please.
8/6/2020 6:24:16 PM Iron Horse State Park by Smalls
Thank you ever so, much - You are preserving an absolutely, but simple place that I, Smalls, may continue To be, feel and remember my mother For this, I am eternally grateful,
8/3/2020 1:51:58 PM Palouse Falls State Park
unique wonder - It is disgraceful how the parks dept has let this park dry up....such a unique sight, but now looks unkempt and unloved. You would think someone could turn on some irrigation and mow this small park....
6/11/2020 9:41:03 PM Horsethief Lake State Park by Dan M.
Needs maintenance - Discovered this park as a fishing venue when I lived in The Dalles a few years ago. I still come here and enjoy the trees and the water, but am disappointed now in how the place looks since the COVID scare. A real pandemic would result in EVERYTHING being shut down. Weeds in parking lot need to be removed. Discover Pass and dog leash enforcement are needed at this time also to help ensure personal safety.
11/8/2019 7:50:07 PM Millersylvania State Park by Susen M Palmer
History - My Father worked for the state parks . His family Homesteaded land just a few miles from Millersylvania. He built alot of picnic tables and did alot of logging of trees in that area. He was born in 1912 and his family new the Millers.
10/1/2019 8:48:49 PM Tolmie State Park by Shep
Closure - We went to the park today Tuesday 1 October 2019 only to find that it was closed. Apparently it will be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays now. Website stated it would be closed on Mondays and Tuesday beginning 2 October 2019 NOT 1 October 2019. Though it was only a 45 minute drive there it would be nice if the park follows its own guidelines.
8/17/2019 3:34:07 PM Lake Wenatchee State Park
Pleasantly surprised - My wife and I tent-camped here midweek in August. This is a very nice, well-kept campground with clean restroom facilities, pay showers, ample water spigots and a great beach on beautiful Lake Wenatchee. We were surprised by the lack of flies and mosquitos. The constant wind may be the reason. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and will definitely return. The only downside for me is the lack of privacy as many of the sites are fairly close to each other.
7/24/2019 4:04:45 PM Manchester State Park by John, for the JFCO group
Atta girl for Kimberly Cox - Ms. Kimberly Cox was very helpful in making our recent family camp out at the Manchester group RV site a success - she went out of her way, took extra time, and promptly responded to some special requests and concerns that our group had regarding our stay. Thank you Kimberly You are a Cut above and the kind of person that our beautiful Washington State Parks should be represented by
5/22/2019 8:13:30 PM Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park by Red-Toad
Summer is a bit ambiguous . . . - On a recent trip, May 18 to 25, through Washington and Idaho, we discovered parks and museums may trigger seasonal openings for Memorial Day weekend. Turned out to be a bummer at Farragut State Park, where we pre-paid for five days of museum visiting at the park and in the area. Ginko S.P. lists hours for Summer -- Can we count on a visit during our return to western Washington on May 24
2/25/2019 7:59:59 PM Central Ferry State Park by Lochsa44
Nice place to visit - Its an absolute disgrace this park got shut down, as it is all the other parks that have
- pretty hike, not much wildlife, seems to have all been shot out, lots of cows, star thistle, knapp weed and poacher warnings.
10/29/2018 10:00:36 AM Horsethief Lake State Park
Beautiful park - Visited in Oct. 2018. Had a great time exploring the Indian carvings and taking the tour. The camp hosts were very friendly and helpful and helped me get settled. They also gave me information. about the camp and surrounding areas. Must come back when the spring flowers are in bloom
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